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Get Graphoid - the graphing scientific calculator with fast and easy zoom. Use the scientific calculator look-alike touch keyboard to enter expressions and functions, all on one screen without "2nd" key. Draw graphs or value tables, zoom in the values of the value table or graph by just touching the screen. Calculate min, max, intersections and more in graph mode as well as in table mode!

your image Easy to zoom graphs

Use pinch zoom (two-finger zoom) to zoom graphs. On older non-multitouch devices you can use one-finger zoom. Just longpress the graphs to enter the zoom mode. Then just drag left/right/up/down to zoom. The scale grid is automatically updated. To select the interesting parts of the graphs has never been easier! With Graphoid calculator you can focus on inspecting graphs of functions, not how to use menus.

your imageZoomable value tables

The functions can be investigated by a value table as well. By dragging the table up/down you move the visible interval of the function. You can even zoom the table values with pinch zoom on multitouch devices or by using the zoom buttons on the screen on non-multitouch devices. The differences between the x-values are autocalculated to be human readable. Rotate the device to portrait format and compare two functions in the table. Of course you can calculate min, max, intersections etc right from the table screen. To inspect functions with a value table is faster, easier and more intuitive than ever with Graphoid!

Syntax highlighting

When you enter expressions or functions they are displayed with colored text; the negative sign has a different color than the subtraction sign, the scientific notation 'E' is hightlighted by color so you don't miss it (we all have received answers like 1.394735386937635E9 without notice the 'E'). During the input of an expression matching parentheses are highlighted with color to make multiparentheses input more readable.

Easily readable error messages

In case you enter an illegal expression you will get an easy-to-read error message. Also, if a calculation error occur a specific human-friendly error message will tell you what went wrong; 'Division by zero', 'Log of a negative number is illegal' etc. Graphoid is made to help us avoid mistakes!

Stored variables and expressions

You can easily store variables with an arbitrary name and use them in future calculations. The last entered expressions are automatically stored and can be reused or edited.


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Android app on Google Play

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